What is iDiamonds?

Thinking of proposing? Are you about to buy your fiancÚ an engagement ring? Curious about the retail value of your friend's diamond pendant? Want to know what type of diamond is within your budget? Want to sell your diamond for a fair price?

Then iDiamonds, A Complete Diamond Education Suite, is what you are looking for!

For the first time, end-consumers can find out what the retail value is for a diamond! iDiamonds offers you the ability to calculate the retail value of any diamond you are shopping for using the Diamond Retail Benchmark (DRB) List.

In addition, if you are clueless about diamonds, iDiamonds has an education section that teaches you everything you need to know before shopping for a diamond.


  1. Advanced Diamond Price Calculator:
    • Calculates the official price per carat and total price of a diamond.
    • Ability to enter the exact Carat Weight and Savings (discount) offered by a retailer to calculate how much you will actually pay.
    • Ability to enter the total price of a diamond being offered by a retailer to calculate savings.
  2. An Education Section that explains everything you need to know about the Four Cs, DRB, Grading Labs, and how to use the calculator
  3. RSS news feeds of the Diamond industry.
  4. Exchange rate conversion. The DRB List is published in $ US. If you are outside the US, Jewelry stores will provide quotes in local currencies. iDiamonds provides the option to enter your preferred exchange rate or update exchange rate from Yahoo! Finance, thus converting the DRB guide to your local currency.
Four Cs Tab in the Education Section

About the Diamond Retail Benchmark

The Diamond Retail Benchmark is simply the estimated retail price for a diamond. The DRB is calculated based on data from IDEX Online (www.idexonline.com), the most prominent online trading platform used by diamond industry professionals.

iDiamonds Consumer is the only iPhone Application that has the exclusive rights to publish the DRB Guide for the iPhone.

Additional Screenshots:
Four Cs Tab in the Education Section
The News Section

*** Please note that the DRB guide is published monthly. As a first stage iDiamonds will release new prices once a month free of charge through version releases. Later, we will provide a mechanism to download new prices as they become available for a symbolic fee.

You can buy iDiamonds on the Apple Store by searching for "iDiamonds".